Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Crafts 'n' Rock

We're still very amazed at the amount of road kill we see along our route. And not just the amount but the SIZE of these things!!!! If you'd hit these head on your car would be total loss!! Or at least in Belgium it would be...
In Belgium we'd have the occasional cat or small dog run over, but nothing
like what we see here. Of course, there's a lot more wildlife here
than in the denser populated Belgium. You'd have to go to the Ardennes
to find some more wildlife, not where we live.
And then the signs that say "FOOD - McDonalds"!! They still crack us up!!
You know, people in Belgium just think good things of you guys??? Everybody there believes americans alllll stick to the speed limits, whether that's on the interstates or on the secundary roads. But not so!!!! Another desillusion... Darn!!

After a good drive we arrived in Akron and I called Debi-Ellen and Stephanie (you know, I gotta use that US phone now!!) to meet them at Hollo's Papercraft in Brunswick, Ohio. Stephanie was already there with her little boy when we arrived
and we started exchanging goodies on a bench outside, so Debi-Ellen could see us when she'd arrive. Of course she drove right past us and had to turn back... LOL

Hugs all around, coz we've known each other for years without ever meeting before!
The fun of exchanging goodies is just indescribable. I know some have mentioned this about me, but it really goes for everyone!! People's faces light up when you give them something nice that may be hard to get for them and even more so when you present them with something handmade. That excitement alone makes this trip worthwhile. Sending goodies is just not the same, coz you can't see their face when they open the package.

But then!!! We went inside the Papercraft Store!! Man, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!! What an amazing array of cardstock, paper, envelopes, precut cards, and more!! Jan thought this was just yet another one of my biiiiig mistakes. I'm pretty sure this will end up in his top 10 of the big mistakes of this trips... LOL
Back to the paperstore now. I got me some 12x12 cardstock for a scrapbook. I needed black background cardstock for that "crazy" picture of the black truck that I took in the rear side car mirror!!
See, I do plan ahead and know what I'm doing... ahemmmm....
Got just a little bit of sheet sized cardstock, patterned, structured, and whatever I KNOW I won't be able to find back home. Stephanie had to leave early, and her boy didn't think the cardstock was all that exciting, even if we did think so.
I also got some stickers, well, actually they were some kind of photo corners, sooo
pretty!!! And won't they come in handy when I finally get down to actually start scrapping?? LOL
Got some patterned vellum too, just the "had to have" kind. Not my fault!!! LOL
Debi-Ellen just exaggerated on my shopping spree! ;-)
Meanwhile, Jan had gone to a bar next door. No way he was gonna come in with
us for looking at paper. Where's the fun in that, huh?? LOL
He was already waiting for us when we came out the store... Seemed to last like enternity to him, or at least that's what he says. Hmmm....
The plan was to have lunch with Debi-Ellen but we were kinda running short of time (though we agree that we did NOT stay too long in that store, regardless what Jan says!! LOL), so we had to say our goodbyes and head for Cleveland where we visited the Rock 'n' Roll Museum. That was fun!! They also had a section where you could see the development of the equipment used over the years. How the first radio started up until the development of the I-Pod!!Very interesting!! Then of course we hit the museum's store. LOL

Jan was not gonna leave Cleveland without having gone to the Hard Rock Café of course so that's where we went for dinner. Happy me from meeting Debi-Ellen and Stephanie and going to the paper store, happy Jan from visiting the Rock Museum and eating at the Hard Rock Café (and of course buying another t-shirt. See, I'm not the only one with shopping on my mind!!! haha!!). Perfect day for everyone!! :-))

We hit the road again, and around 9:15pm we stopped at Fremont, Ohio, to find some place to sleep. Most places do seem to have wireless internet, so that's nice coz I like to check some e-mails before going to bed. :-)
Addicted?? Who, me???? Naah....

Hugs to all,


Barbi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I enjoyed reading about it. Those food signs are to let you know there is an exit coming up where you can stop to eat. And the Adopt A Highway is where people adopt a section to clean up the litter and make the world a nicer place. I found it funny that you thought Americans stuck to the speed limits, as I just had to pay for a speeding ticket I got. If you ever come to Minnesota I'd be glad to meet you and go stamp store shopping with you, even to the Mall of America!

jayne carlton said...

Hi Wezz,
I'm enjoying reading about your fun in the US of A.....
jaYne - from Oddarts....

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