Sunday, May 28, 2006

Get your kicks...

Driving from Chicago to Galesburg gives you the opportunity to follow a part of the legendary Route 66, which starts at Jackson Boulevard. We found a turn by turn description of the whole Route 66 on the internet. This is awesome because it tells you exactly where to drive in order to follow the Route 66. It even specifies all the different alignments where applicable. Jan printed out both the sections that were applicable to our trip; from Chicago to Bloomington, where we would have to leave the Route 66 to head for Peoria and added the whole she-bang to his famous road book. :-))
So, there we were, ready to hit the Route 66, with some nice belgian rock music in the CD player. This was going to be great fun, if it wasn't for the pouring rain that has followed us all the way from Chicago. :-(((
And the temperatures were like the winters in Belgium!!
Why??? Why us??? I've never seen the Route 66 in the rain in any movie!! It's always blazing hot when we get to see it on the screen!! Oh well...
I guess we must be just about the only people on the globe that have been sailing the Route 66 instead of driving. Get your kicks... yeah, right. I'd put a LOL here, but it wasn't that funny at the time really. Now I guess we'll just have to go back so we can see the Route 66 in sunlight one day, right??? Heheh.
Most of the directions were really accurate, except at one point where we couldn't find the right turn. But we caught the Route 66 back again only a few miles further.
Our little side excursion to find the right route drove us through a neighborhood with really really really big big big houses. Almost like the ones Manda showed us in Dubois! Wonder who can afford them in areas where there is just nothing???
I was sitting next to Jan and reading aloud the directions from the road book to him. At one point it said to look for old telephone poles... as if we know what old telephone poles look like! There wasn't a description or picture of them and they probably won't look like european ones, will they?? So, these old poles, how do we recognize them?? Do they have grey hair, or what? When we finally saw the old telephone poles, we kinda knew what it meant!! :-)
They were all crooked and none of them stood straight. And yes, they looked OLD too. They were very short as well. No wonder the indians could cut the "singing wires of the pale faces" in earlier times. (ggg)
Maybe that is why the new telphone poles are a lot higher now. Haha!!
Because of the terrible weather, the many turns, some really small and narrow streets to be followed, and the inevitable road works at various spots, we didn't progress as fast as we thought we would be. We abandoned the Route 66 a little earlier then foreseen to hit the I-55 to Bloomington, and then another interstate route to Peoria and Galesburg. Where the rain followed us the whole time.
Get some rain on Route 66.... LOLOL


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