Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New things in the World of Wezz

It's about time I tried something new.... well, besides my crafty endeavors that is. I mean something online, something with the computer, and let me tell you up front I'm no computer wizz-kid, so this is all a test, a dip-your-toe-in-the-water-to-see-how-cold-it-really-is kinda thing...
I've already managed to upgrade my blog and didn't wreck it completely in the process, so that's a success! Yay! Ready to move on to something newer than that.... I have more handmade items than I will ever use or wear in my lifetime, especially greeting cards, mini albums, and jewelry, and I always find something new I want to try, something else I love to make, it just never stops when you have a creative mind (that does come across a "block" occasionally, you are not alone in that!).
So maybe I should try selling online? Yeah, that's it! That's a good idea! With the money I make from that, I can buy new crafty stuff, right?? heheh...
Okay, so I wanna sell online. But how? What's a good site? Ebay? Nah. Not for handmade or artisan items I think, to me it seems that's more a place people will check out to get a great bargain. Setting up my own website with a store? hmm, nice idea, but I don't have a clue how to go about that. I would have to ask DH and he's busy remodeling the attic. No, it has to be something easy that I can do all by myself, and maintain it too! Setting it up is not enough, you have to maintain it and add new items on a regular basis. Now what? Then, oooh, I came across this eSMarts yahoogroup, it's all about helping each other setting up an Etsy store and getting traffic to your blog, website and store. hmm, maybe I should sign up, huh? I signed up. I got confused with all the etsy lingo, and even more confused when they started talking about squidoo and lenses and more of that! Maybe I'm in the wrong place after all. oh, but wait a minute! There are other etsy newbies on this group! Maybe we can help each other out and get the expertise knowledge from those that have been on etsy for a while? Hmm. Let's hang around for a while longer and see how it goes. After all, I got my blog going again after a loooooooong hiatus. The next step is to set up an etsy store. Let's see.... Hey, that's not difficult at all! I just need to think and re-think the intro and the policies and such. And presto, I now have my very own etsy store!! Granted, I know nothing about all the other options that etsy offers, but I'll learn it as we grow with the eSmarts group I guess. And of course, just like any website or blog, it's a work in progress. A status quo is the worst thing you can do on the internet I think, so we gotta work on our sites. All of us, and on all of them. Including the group blog. Yep, we have an eSmarts group blog too, with various members contributing to it! It's quite interesting so go check it out, and it has of course all the links to the members' websites and stores. This is gonna be a fun ride!! Can't wait to see what's next!! :-))



mygemstonebox said...

You go girl! We're all here to help you along` we all need it now and then. Your blog looks wonderful...keep up the good work!

ChezChani said...

I'm in the same place as you. Looking into Squidoo is on my weekend to do list. Isn't an Etsy store and a blog enough? Apparently not. We're at all levels on eSMarts fortunately. So us beginners don't have to feel alone back there and we can take advantage of the knowledge of those with more experience, instead of having to figure it all out ourselves.

Anna Lee said...

This looks awesome Hilde and I'm grinning like the proverbial cheshire cat :) while reading this great post.

I'm just so darn proud of all of you! Look at what you're getting accomplished. The sales will follow...
-Anna Lee

dentedhalo said...

Hilde, Your blog looks great! I love the cretan stone necklace, just too pretty!

Best of luck!

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