Friday, August 01, 2008

The fur babies

Hello dear friends!

Those that have been reading my blog from the early days will remember my tales about one of our cats that had to undergo an operation and took out all the stitches. Over and over....
The same one had to have major surgery early last November and it took almost til Christmas when we finally could let her run around without the dreaded collar. Yeah she managed to scratch the stitches out even with the stocking and the collar on. But, we were very pleased that after it all had healed, she was back to her old self, acting very playful, much like a younger cat, after all she was well over 9 yo already. This April though she suddenly added on weight (over 600 grams in less than one week) while she ate less and less, and looked really really tired. We took her to the vet where they did tests to see if it was her liver or maybe the kidneys, but all tests came back negative. The vet suggested we get her heart checked, but that meant driving to a vet in another town coz ours didn't have the equipment. So what do you do? You go. There, while we were in the vet's waiting room, she sighed, looked at me, and passed peacefully while we were stroking her. I miss her terribly. She always kept me company during my afternoon naps too. Sigh. She would have been 10 in June. In many ways she really was my cat. The way she kept me company when I was not feeling well, sleeping with me on the couch when I was tired, the way she let me carry her while doing other stuff. DH would never get away with that. Oh and you know a cat picks you, right? Not the other way around. When we went to get her we were just going to "look" at a few kittens and decide later. Yeah right. We came in, and she jumped and clawed her way up on my sweater and never let go. So, that was it. We walked out with her still clutched to my sweater. She picked me, I had no choice or say in the matter. LOL
After she was gone, our other cat missed her too, and kept looking for her. When we mentioned her name her eyes got this sad look. It suprised us, coz they had never been best friends. In fact, they fought quite a lot. She must miss her terribly coz she even lets neighbouring cats just come in the house and eat out of her own bowl! And that while she's always been very territorial! After a week or 2 we decided to add a new kitten to the household when we got back from our holidays in June. But first, the other cat needed to have the same extensive surgery the other one had. We were terrified, and I still am. But so far so good. So we got a new kitten. But OMG!! What were we thinking getting a new kitten in the house! We had forgotten all about how tiring this can be and how they need so much attention! Luckily I'm at home most of the time, but it's eating all my energy for now. She makes a mess, climbs up our house plants, teases our older cat and in general behaves like what you'd expect from a little kitten. Somehow, however, she must have picked up on my need for a companion. She keeps me company during my afternoon naps, sits on my lap when I'm on the computer, she purrs when I'm feeling down and cheers me up. Ah, life is good again. :-))



A Beaded Affair said...

Cats are just such amazing companions. I always think when someone says they don't like cats they just haven't met "their" cat yet. "My" cat, Tigger, is gone now from leukemia but he was truly my cat in every sense and I doubt there will ever be another quite like him. Have fun with the kitten, it's tiring but fun.

ChezChani said...

I teared up reading this. My Bam Bam is gettting on in years. Lately he's started losing his fur and his skin has turned pink everywhere. I try not to dwell on his advancing age but sometimes I just can't help it. He and I made the move from LA to LV together and I will be heartbroken when he goes. Izzy, my other cat, will too I'm sure but at least we'll have each other. Post a pic of the kitten! I always rescue adult cats but feel the need for a kitten fix from time to time.
I could not agree more on the issue of people who don't like cats. I think they just have not spent quality time with a few cats, they are all so amazing and each one so different from the next.

Michele Cook said...

I too teared up when I read your post. Our cat, Tommy, is also 10. I got him as a kitten when I first moved to Texas. At the time I had an old style water bed with the wooden frame and I had many sleepless nights from him jumping down to explore or whatever, and then coming back and meowing loudly as he was too little to jump back on the bed! That will always be my favorite memory of many, many. The funniest thing he still does is play hide and seek with my husband. He loves it when DH hides. Its funny to see it!


jezebel said...

Hiya Wezz! So sorry about your baby... We have to take comfort in knowing that we've given them a good life and that they've given us back the best they've had to give. I'm glad you and Jan have adopted another.

Recently I've started a scrapbook just on the cats I've had since I've been married. It's very theraputic! I've shed many tears and hysterical moments of laughter over this book... Wish I could share it with you! If you're ever in East Haddam again...


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