Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well Color Me Purple!

Purple, plum, raspberry, eggplant, all shades of purple are the "it" color for fall/winter 2008-2009 in Europe. So, let's go over our needs/wants for the season....

  • Purple shoes - Check! Actually, these are my western boots I bought while visiting Nashville during our trip to the US. Heheh, didn't know I would be so ahead of fashion!! LOL
  • Purple jacket - Check! It's a deep dark eggplant color with a removable collar. It's tailored and gives me some kind of waist. I love that jacket and it looks soooo cool with the purple boots and a black pair of jeans! :-))
  • Purple scarf - Check! for wearing with my other coat, and hand knitted by lil' ol' me! I have a multi-colored one with purple specks in for wearing with the aforementioned jacket. Of course.
  • Purple sweater/shirt - Check! More than one that is either purple or goes with purple, so I'm all set in that department.
  • Purple pants - nah, there is such a thing as too much purple clothes, and I wouldn't look good in them anyway. I'm very much a jeans girl. Though I will wear the occasional dressy pair of pants.
  • Purple accessories like jewelry - Check! Of course! I probably have a jewelry piece to go with each and every single piece of my wardrobe. And still, I can't stop, I just love purple and have been busy making more the past few days. :-))
  • Good thing I really REALLY like amethyst, and still have some here to play with! Yay!

Are you ready for the new fashion season??? Take a look at these and GO PURPLE! :-))

More to come soon!! ;-))

Edited on Oct 20: if you want to read about how I got the purple boots in Nashville, go here.... You're welcome to comment on that one too of course!! :-))



Wilma said...

PURPLE!!!!!! That is my favorite color and I have hardly anything in purple except my bathroom, bedroom, and craftroom! But as far as clothes go sadly i am lacking in that dept. Fun color too Weez!

ChezChani said...

I went through my purple phase as a young teen. Not sure I can do it again. But I do like a splash of purple jewelry!

KimberlyRies said...

I love purple too Wezz! You'll have to post of photo of your purple boots!


Anonymous said...

Wezz, I really like the earrings with the silver rings and amethyst donut. Don't forget, even on jeans, you can have small beltloop "charms" on chain or cord that can twinkle below your shirt when they are secured around a beltloop, just like a purse charm! One more way to match up your wardrobe and jewelry! Teri

Studio618 said...

That pendant is NICE! You do wonderful bead weaving, on top of others.

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