Saturday, November 07, 2009


Yesterday we had a surprise dance party for my sister in law who turns 50 in a couple of days. Her daughter Karen, Jan's niece, who we visited in Galesburg on our trip through the USA (you can read about that here and here), organised it all. Including a surprise act, in appropriate costumes no less, that was based on a dance from a musical. It was an absolutely fantastic dance act, the costumes were gorgeous and very fitting, and everything was kept secret until sister in law walked through the doors! One of Jan's nephews filmed the whole thing but we promised not to put it on YouTube or anything. Too bad, I think it would get a lot of hits!! LOL ;-))
As usual with family get togethers, I was in charge of taking the pictures. I will also be in charge of the digital scrapbook that will tell the story. Hmm, don't have too much time for this, the album is a Christmas present! :-))
And eeeek!! I've never ever done a whole digital album before! This will be a serious and fast learning curve I'm sure.
Two months of devious planning and rehearsing went into this party but it was sooo worth it! Yep, I did do some dancing in the end too, even with my bad and hurt back, but I had sooo much fun, nobody can take that away from me now!
Gotta go now, but don't forget to check back soon! There's a huge surprise coming on this blog very soon!! ;-))


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