Friday, January 08, 2010

Be The Best!

That's it. Just be the best. Okay, maybe not THE best, but just be the very best YOU can be. That's all anyone can ask, right? If you strive to be the best you can be, it will make you feel good and fulfilled. You should be proud. You have the potential. Live up to it. Reach for the stars!! The sky is the limit. Okay, I'm sure you get it by now.
Here's a card to celebrate that!
Stamps are from StampFrancisco and Stampin' Up.

And speaking of StampFrancisco, we are lining out our new travel plans!! Yay!! :-)))
We'll land in San Francisco on February 17th!! Jan is working on a road book already. heheh. I'll start collecting addresses of the "must-shop" places.... oh err, I mean, the "must-see" places... ahum... and I sure hope there will be some "must-meet" people along the way!! :-))
Now I wanna know who will be the first to react to this and how many of you will leave me a comment.... LOL!!



Dotpat said...

Love it Wezz, I love funny cards
Love Dot

Anonymous said...

That's great Wezz - just the thing for Cath's Fun Challenge on KCUK.
Happy New Year

stamppurr said...

cute card thanks for posting

A Beaded Affair said...

Please don't tell me you are coming to the states and only flying over Philadelphia???? Well, at the very least you must wave as you go by. I'll wave back.

Nana Bev said...

A must-see place - Nana Bev's in Lake Mary, FL .... you hope a plane to Orlando or Orlando-Sanford International (much closer) ... then call me! I'll be there to meet & greet and take you around. Have a fun, safe trip.

Gunvor said...

Lovely card Wezz! Glad to see you back in action!
Hugs, Gunvor

Neet said...

Wrap up warm. Warning - it's hilly Pier 39 fantastic - seals smell a bit but fantastic to see them. Clam Chowder is delicious - try it at Tarantinos. Trolley ride is fab! Watch out for wild parrots (saw them at Coit Tower - brilliant) and at Lombard Street (zig zag road - a must see but don't attempt to walk it). We were there in October - quite cold.
Love your card!

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