Monday, April 26, 2010

I haven't stopped

...making jewelry!!! LOL!!
Don't worry, I couldn't stop even if I wanted to, I like it way too much!
Here are two of my bead crochet necklaces, both have been given as gifts already.

I'm sure I'll have more soon, different designs too, and they'll be available in my etsy store.... ;-))
Please let me know what you think about these! I would love to hear your comments!



cockney blonde said...

They are stunning Wezz. Really like them. I haven't done any beading for ages, I really must get back into it, x

ChezChani said...

They are gorgeous! I know NOTHING about bead crochet. Is it similar to real crochet?

Annette Piper said...

I love these and couldn't even attempt making something like that!

vanessa said...

Those are really beautifull!!

dentedhalo said...

Your necklaces are lovely! I especially like the darker of the two! I see you are much into scrapping and card too! :)Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, btw!

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