Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Plans

Apparently I can create create create and create. Come up with 10 new designs when I just started a new one and still have to see how THAT one will turn out. My hands can't follow my mind. I crochet and knit and while doing so I'm already thinking of the changes I'll make to the next one. My crochet and knit patterns come into effect as I go, sometimes I'll write something on the back of a beermat or on a post it note so I don't forget what it is I want to change in the next one. Crocheting bonnets just come to life while fitting or just simply DOING.
But finishing off, now THAT is something completely different! I need a serious kick in the butt for that it seems. I have piles, literally piles, of finished crocheted bead ropes, all they need is the finishing touches like caps and a clasp. I'm dragging my feet on that one, I can't seem to bring myself to actually finish them. I have a pile of crocheted bonnets but the tails are not worked in yet... What's wrong with me???
Maybe I should pretend I only have one crochet hook, then maybe I wouldn't be working on 3 vests at the same time. All different of course, but the same type of yarn is used.
Maybe I should pretend that I have only one pair of knitting needles so I wouldn't be working on a vest, a scarf, socks and more all at the same time. Okay, not *exactly* the same time of course, but they're all in various stages of completion.
Maybe I should pretend I only have one beading needle so I would work on that one project until it's finished completely, instead of the gazillion projects I have laying around.
Maybe I should pretend I only have one box of scrapbook papers and use those up first before I can use something from another box (and those with Club Scrap will know exactly what I'm talking about!).
But I just got another idea for a new ring design that I need to try out before I forget what it looks like in my mind!!! I'm terrible at drawing something like that, so I need to make it to see if it's doable or not.
Maybe I just need to DO it.
Finishing something I mean. That will be my plan for this week. I want to have something to show by the end of the week. Something that's been laying around here for ages without getting to the finished state. I really need to do this, it's time.
Now that it's in writing and out there for the world to see, maybe, just maybe, I can do it.
Yes, I can!!



SuppliesHandcrafted said... & me! I love to have several projects going, but the finish! Keeps creating from getting stale, I guess!

cockney blonde said...

Oh Wezz, I can really relate to this. One of my big downfalls, lol, x

FabricFascination said...

This is exactly why I set up the 52 week challenge, so that I would finish things I've started. I hope you will join in and link your project(s) whenever you get them done. It is a nice group of people.

Infotainment said...

I've been reading a few posts and really and enjoy your writing. I'm just setting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and provide the reader so much insight.

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