Friday, August 12, 2011

Creative Spaces!

Don't you love seeing what's on other people's tables? The creative things they are working on? How they organise things? The work in progress? Personally, I'm addicted to this site I think.... LOL!

Today I would like to share with you one of those infamous patchwork projects I'm working on. It's constantly on my table so I can just grab it and work on it whenever I feel like it. The majority of the project is in a box, but working on one of the log cabin blocks doesn't take much of material, it all fits in one small pouch. I even take it with me on little trips! Take a peek at my work in progress...

This first picture shows how I tried to see how all the strips of fabric would look by just pinning them together in the order they would be sewn.

This second picture shows this same block all sewn together.

As you can see, the base of my block is an astrology sign and I have all twelve. So I will be busy for a while stitching all twelve log cabin blocks and then making it into one large wall hanging. At least, that's what I have in mind for it at this moment. You never know of course... haha!

Go see more creative spaces right here!



kraplap said...

geweldig Wezz; dat ziet er goed uit !

RitaJC said...

Looks gorgeous!
Patchwork is still a great mystery to me :D

Dee said...

It looks great... very creative.

Unknown said...

I love your patchwork.


sbo said...

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Unknown said...

Oh wow! I wish I were patient enough to quilt things. I cut out some squares once, that's about it :/

Unknown said...

Wow, creative is the best word to say to you. Congratulations

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