Monday, April 24, 2006

ah where to start??

It's been quite a while since I wrote something here but with good reason. Or maybe not. I'm still recovering from being sick for quite some time. Why have only one infection when you can have 4 at the same time to battle, huh??? First thought it was only 3, but noooo, it was 4 and also at "that time of the month", all at the same time. I wasn't the nicest company to be around then. LOL
Never take the easy road seems like a good slogan for my life these days. I'm trying out new meds as well to take with me on our big trip to the USA, and they're not doing what they're supposed to do. I seem to be even more awake after taking sleeping meds than during my regular waking hours, duh... Is this normal or is it just me being weird again??

Well, in the mean time we have started our final preparations for our trip, which means the funky bag has been put on the back burner for the time being. Hopefully I can finish it before we leave, but I'm not holding my breath for that. We leave in less than two weeks, and we still got a million things to do and take care of before that. Checking the clothes we want to take, bought a couple of trousers for each of us, but they needed some shortening. That's done now. Still need to fix some other little things like putting new buttons on a shirt, etc. Nothing like going on a long trip to get your butt into gear and fix everything that has been left aside for too long!! LOL
And since I've lost over 12kg, some things are now too wide and need fixing too. :-))
Not that I like the extra work it's given me, but I do like the feeling of having clothes that are too big for a change. So far I needed a new wardrobe coz I grew out of the old one, now I'll need a new one coz I can't fix everything so that it fits me again. (grinning from ear to ear!)
One of those million to do things was going to the hairdresser's too. And if you know that on a scale from 1 to 10 the dentist scores a high 9 (and I have to go for check up on Tuesday!! ack!), the hairdresser still comes in at a 7 or 8. I really don't like having my hair done. It takes too long for my taste, and while it looks good when he's done, once it's up to me... ugh!! I can never seem to make it look good again.

At least the cupboards have now been placed in our front room (still in remodeling stage, but shaping up now). Yay!! We have storage space there now, and a space to put the washing machine and the washing products a household needs. I'll probably claim part of it for crafty stuff... LOL

Two weeks ago, we found two lumps on one of our cats on her tummy, so she had an operation for that last Thursday. It took a lot longer than the vet anticipated coz they were bigger than she thought and more turned to the inside. So during the op she had to up the anestethics (sp?) coz the cat was starting to wake.
When I picked her up Friday afternoon she was still drowsy and couldn't stand on her feet. The poor thing kept falling over trying to put one paw in front of the other. It broke my heart to see her like that. She wanted to eat too, but couldn't even move her mouth, so I took away the food for a while so she wouldn't keep trying.
Saturday morning she needed to eat at least a little bit with the antibiotics but she threw it up again (she did eat that evening so she got the meds she needed). Later that day I found a little bit of blood on the floor so I thought I should check her wounds. And yep, she had managed to take part of the stitches out all by herself, leaving a partly open wound again. Aaarrrgghhh!!
Okay, she has no idea what she's putting us through, but those stitches weren't supposed to come out yet!! Ten days at least is what the vet said! Yeah, I know, that would be right before we leave on our trip, and right before we take the cats to the cat hotel. But we thought the operation was done better sooner than later. You never know with things like this, do you?
I'll probably take her to the vet again tomorrow, and right now this is not her best friend, but she should have left those stitches in!! We tried putting some kind of protection over the wounds but they're all over her tummy and she finds a way to get rid of it within less than 30 seconds anyway. Cats will be cats I guess... LOL
Hopefully this will all work out okay for her.
Send your good thoughts, she might need them. Thanks!


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