Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cat's meow

Well, I took our cat back to the vet yesterday morning, and she needed restitching (of course) and therefore, another anaestesia session. Not as deep this time though, so she recovered a lot quicker than last time. Hubby went to get her in the evening, and she's now wearing a collar. She doesn't like it. Who would, huh?? She can't eat or drink properly with that thing (we have to feed her), let alone give herself a nice cleanup. She's a very proud cat and even manicures her nails on a regular basis. Now with that collar she's bumping into everything, and trying to get it stuck somewhere in hopes of pulling it off of her head. Or even trying to scratch it off. No such luck, lady!! You're gonna wear that until your stitches can come out!! Officially, this time!! That does mean of course, that we have to wipe her butt every time she goes potty. I can think of more pleasant tasks than that!! But heck, she's our little fur baby and we'll do what it takes to help her out. Even that. LOL


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