Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Game revealed!

A week ago I posted my own little game here called "what's this?" and I had so much fun reading all the possible answers! In fact, some of you gave me a few ideas that I may want to explore further!
But, without further ado, the correct answer....

....was indeed the Sky Blue Ruffles Necklace all scrunched up!
So what did you win if you got it correct?? A big virtual belgian hug with the 3 accompanying kisses! Always 3 in Belgium... :-))
And, the think-outside-the-box answer was.... that it was my very first picture uploaded to my blog posts!! Yay! I did it!
Nobody guessed that one, but that's okay!! I had fun with it, and I may do this again some day if you are all in for another game of guessing! ;-))
Thanks for playing along!!



ReflectionsInGlass said...

That's a great idea, Wezz! In fact, now you've given me an idea for a game of my own!! Watch for my next blog post to play.... :-))

By the way, i just love the blue that you've used in this necklace!


willow said...

Cute game, Wezz! I love that piece!

Empress Kateri said...

I totally missed the game. *lol* But I like the blue, it's pretty! I would never have the patience to create something like that.


Dani said...

Sorry I missed the first game. I will join in if you do another one, though. Gorgeous color on the ruffles necklace.~!!


Anonymous said...

missed out on the game, but I *love* that necklace, it's SO PRETTY, and you must have the patience of a saint to weave something like that...! ~~T

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