Friday, August 29, 2008

Patience, patience...

They say it's a virtue. But I don't know... I love the anticipation of something to happen long time before it actually does as well! How 'bout you?
In exactly two weeks I'll be leaving again for Germany to attend one of the largest rubber stamp conventions on the european mainland. StempelMekka. And I'm going for the whole weekend again! I can't wait to meet my stamping buddies from surrounding countries again! And from Belgium of course, this hobby is finally starting to get off the ground here and attracts new people all the time! heheh.... Plus all the US vendors that come to this convention! Last year I demo'd for StampFrancisco, and hopefully I'll get to do that again this year. Otherwise, I'll be helping out at their booth, so you make sure you come and say hi there if you are going to the Mekka! ;-))
But two weeks??? That means I really should start to get cracking on stamping a bunch of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for swapping with the other attendees. Ooh, time, where is more time?? I need you!! Badly.... LOL
Traditionally we go with a bunch of stamping buddies to a nearby chinese restaurant on Saturday evening, and last year we were with a group of 14 people I believe! No, "quiet" is not exactly something we have in our dictionary at times like that. Hey, we only get to see each other once a year too! Of course everyone wanted to have their picture taken with everyone else, and then there's all the group photos too. One with every camera... Hilarious!!
Here's a digital scrapbook page I did with a digital ALSB page from the A Study In Red digikit by ClubScrap.

It's great to look forward to this event again, and this year I think we'll be close to 20 people attending the Saturday evening dinner!! Waahoooooo!!! :-))



Wilma said...

I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy your weekend and meeting up with old friends. Do tell of your adventures when you return from your holiday

ChezChani said...

Sounds like fun, enjoy. Not to sound stupid but what do you do with the rubber stamps? Is it all scrapbookers?

A Beaded Affair said...

You sound so excited about this. I hope you have a wonderful time. Now the real question is, which picture in the scrap book is you?

Empress Kateri said...

They have rubber stamp conventions?? No way! :~P
When I was a kid my grandma and auntie were way into the rubber stamp scene, and would have these huge get togethers. They'd let me play with their stamps, and do cool stuff like embossing.
I loved it ^_^

Have fun!!


Wezz said...

ChezChani, did you get your answer? Someone said she went to your blog to leave a link to hers to check it out. Hope you found some useful info! Let me know, okay?

Wezz said...

Kateri, there are only very few rubber stamp conventions on the european mainland, so I do try to go when I can! It's a fun hobby, isn't it? :-))

Wezz said...

Lois, you want another game?? LOL! You can click on the pic in the blog and see where my name is added... ;-)

ChezChani said...

Yes I got some info. It's scary because it sounds kind of interesting and what I need most right now is to NOT find a new hobby. Thanks!

KimberlyRies said...

Hope you have a great time at the stamp show Wezz. I used to stamp all the time. Right now I am trying to use my stamps to stamp my jewelry boxes and bags!

have fun!


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