Monday, August 25, 2008

Post Olympic ramblings

...or should I say "post about the Olympics" or "after the Olympics"? Whatever. I've enjoyed watching them, but glad they're over again. An Olympic tv frenzy is not something to have every month. I bet my eyes will go square. Oh no, we have a wide screen. Hmm, they'll go rectangle I guess... LOL :-D
Anyway, they're over and I'm very proud of what the belgian athletes did! We got a number of top 10 places, got into several finals, broke several personal and national records, and... we got a silver and a gold medal! For a small country, that's not too bad, and we've seen lots of young athletes with potential for the coming years. There's hope after the 2008 Olympics.

We got a silver medal on the 4x100m relay for women!! Kim Gevaert is our leading lady of the running team and gets to cross the finish line.

Then, in the High Jumping for Women, Tia Hellebaut comes into the arena, and she takes the gold medal for Belgium! Way to go! And look at that jump!!

In all her excitement, she got the flag on upside down. She's forgiven. LOL

Watching these events live, even if it's "just" on tv, there is something magical about it. I sat on the edge of my chair and probably cheered as loud as those in the stadium! Ha! This was definitely a highlight of the Olympics for us! A warm welcome back home with parties and receptions will await these athletes. And they deserve it! Go Belgium! :-))



ChezChani said...

Congratulations Belgium!!! I watched very little of the Olympics this year and have no clue how the country I am from did though the country I live in, USA, always does well.

TeriB said...

Congratulations to you! I know you were following the Olympics very closely. Here, my husband was watching the US in their events. Now, this is one reason to procrastinate that's over, don't forget! lol

Empress Kateri said...

I thought the O games were fun, but I wasn't really following them closely. My household was watching them religiously for about the first three days, but then not so much. I saw alot of the swimming and diving. The dives are amazing. It's just something that I would never do. So I am in awe. ^_^
My lil sister watched a lot of the swimming. She was having trouble catching on to the water thing, and was feeling like she was falling behind. (she's 7) But yesterday she swam like a fish, accrediting it all to the olympics and Phelps.
*grin* I thot it was cute. ^_^

Wilmas Whimseys said...

Go Belgium....I watch just a little of the Olympics, I missed my favs the gymnastics. All in all despite the tragedy of Mr Bachman and his wife who happen to live in our hometown and are very well known in MN., it was a great Olympics

Wilmas Whimseys said...

Congrats to Belgium!!! Glad they did so well. I only watched a little of the Olympics and missed my favs the gymnastics...

Lin said...

WEEEzzzz~~~!!!!!!! IT IS SO SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!! I suppose I've dropped off the napkin circuit since I"ve begun painting! And I see you're into jewelry!! HOW FUN!!!!


Natascha said...

Super dat jij dit op jouw blog zet. Een beetje reclame voor ons landje kan zeker geen kwaad.

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