Thursday, October 22, 2009

More challenges

Besides trying to use up some scraps, I have an extra challenge. Due to a bad fall from the stairs on holiday (on day 2 believe it or not) we had to cut our trip short. Radiology shows shifted disks and a fractured vertabrae. I can't lift anything, I can't bend to pick something up, there's a whole range of movements I just can't do right now. Rest is all that can help me to recover from this. Sooo, that means I can't go through the house looking for special items to put on my cards, or that special ribbon that I know is in the box on the top shelf of the closet. No, I'm limiting myself to what's on the kitchen table. Okay, I do have a choice there as one of the things I have there is my travel stamp box which includes small ink pads of different types in different colors, scissors, brads, ribbons, double sided tape, glue, atc card blanks, waterbrush, gold foil pen, several stamps, acrylic block and lots more. Thank goodness I mostly work with unmounted stamps! I can fit lots of them in there. LOL
Of course all the ordered stuff that comes through the mail now stays on the kitchen table too at this time so I can play with that too if or when I'm feeling up to it. Heheh. I can't work on cards for long though coz I also hurt my tail bone. Bad. Working with sketches and knowing I'm using up some scraps does help to make nice cards when I need to take my mind of all the pain.

This week I worked with sketch number 3 from the DWYTter blog. Here are some of my cards. As usual, some are adapted to suit other sized cards.

For the first cards I stuck pretty much to the original design, except that I didn't make square cards. It was just a minor change really. And hey, look at that! My first Christmas cards for this year!! Woohoo!!

Now I know the intent was to use up scraps, so why on earth did I even feel compelled to use the inside of an envelope that came with yesterday's mail?? Yep, the purple layers under the flower squares are from that envelope. Like I don't have enough paper to use!! Geesh!

This card is a bigger change as I wanted an upright card. So I played around with the different elements until I got a design I liked. I think this is my favorite of this set. :-))

Smaller cards, so less squares. Still pretty though. And if you hadn't noticed yet, I love inking the edges of my papers, especially if they are structured papers. :-))
Stamps used are all from Stampin' Up! (and yes I know, not unmounteds! LOL)
Let me know what you think of my new set of cards!



Alice said...

Wat gaaf wat je allemaal met de sketch hebt gemaakt! LEUK!!!

Karin said...

Helemaal goed he hilde, ik vond hem ook heel leuk, ben er nog mee bezig, maar heb zoveel waarmee ik bezig ben...

Had niks meer van je gehoord ivm je kamertje helaas, maar breng morgen de markers voor je weg (althans, m'n hubby)!!

Liefs, karin

Holly said...

Sorry to hear you hurt yourself Wezz, but I'm so glad you can keep yourself busy making such beautiful cards!

Your'e going to have all of your Christmas cards in record time this year!

Stefani said...

So sorry to hear of your fall! I'm glad you have something to keep your mind off the pain from time to time. Your cards are all lovely!

Natascha said...

Mooie kaarten!

Jack said...

Great cards. I love the patterned papers you have used especially the poppy one. Jack xx

Katz said...

Oh,wat een leuke kerstkaarten, die moet ik zeker onthouden (en liften ... hahaha)


Anne E said...

Lovely cards.
Sorry to hear about your fall, hope you feel b very soon. Anne E x

Ola Fumilayo said...

I'm intrigued! These are really nice.

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