Monday, December 07, 2009

And we have a Winner!!

The eSMarts Treasure Hunt has come to an end and we have a winner!! Yay!!! :-))

Susin Schiff from Canada will receive the whole package and from what I hear, it's all going to a good home! I don't know if she has received it yet, but I'm eagerly waiting to hear what she thinks of the gorgeous prizes she won! Read more about it here.

While you're there visiting the eSMarts blog, please also take a look at our monthly contest and cast your vote! Only two entries this month, none of which are mine, but some day I hope to find the energy and inspiration to participate in this too! :-))

It's only a short blog post this time. I'm knee deep in the digital photo album I'm making as a christmas gift, and that means I need to get it finished soon, or it won't be printed and back here on time! My niece is coming over tomorrow night to check on what I have so far. With matching poem going throughout the album telling the story... It's actually a pretty fun project to do, and I'm learning by leaps and bounds how to use Photoshop (and some other programs), even though it's an older version I have. Gotta go work on that some more now! :-))


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