Friday, January 15, 2010

A new year...

...a new beginning. We hope that this year will be a bit kinder to us, we've been through so much the past year.
I have long stopped making new year resolutions coz I find I can never keep them anyway. Loose weight? Yep, did that, it lasts for about a week and then it's out the window. Organize my craft stuff better? Yep, done that, I start, make an even bigger mess and put it all back as it was. At least that way I can still find my stuff. LOL
So what now? No more resolutions? Then how can it be a new beginning?
A week or so ago I came across this blog post and somehow it got stuck in my head. I decided to try it, and my word for this year is "release". There, now I've publicly shared it and I can keep you updated on how it's going. I want let go of some things I no longer need. It's tearing my heart out to let go of some old magazines as I'm a true magazine junkie. But, I've torn out what I want to keep, will file that, and the magazines will go to a friend for inspiration for her. Sort of get the maximum use out of them, so it's not like *I* am throwing them away really... LOL
I'm just building up the courage to actually let go of them, we'll be going there tonight, and I'll take them. It's a start. :-))



Mary Anne Gruen said...

What a wonderful idea! I've got to do some thinking about what I'd like my one word to be.

I've already started on some "releasing." I started with some beading magazines that I knew I probably wouldn't look at again. And then I added in a few books so that I could make some sense of the clutter.

I doubt anyone would see the change except me. But it makes me feel less cluttered. Which with a new puppy is no small thing. At the moment it looks like we've given up on rugs and have gone for the Wee Wee Pad look. LOL

ChezChani said...

You're coming to Vegas?? Cool, email me
Can't find your email.

willow said...

Releasing is a GREAT idea for the new year! I, too, hold onto everything (or so it seems!) I have boxes to unpack from our move in october...i will keep this in mind as i go through clothes, books, etc......

Thanks Wezz!!!!

vanessa said...

Can you tell me more about you choosing Release? Perhaps i don't get it, although i can imagine things.....
thanks again for the interview for the zuurstof blog!!!

Wezz said...

Mary Ann, I threw out a very large box filled with magazines. It doesn't even make a dent. Yet. I am working towards continuing doing this, but it takes effort to let go.

Elayne, I'm emailing you asap about Vegas!

Willow, I too still have to go through my clothes.... LOL

Vanessa, I mean "release" as in letting go, not hold on to the unimportant stuff, let go of bad feelings when I can, but it all does take energy to get the courage to do so. I keep hearing that song in my head... "Please release me, let me go" and try to keep that in mind whenever I'm going through some of my clutter that I've accumulated over the past years. Hope this helps clarifying!


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