Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More about our last US trip

...that has found its way to my scrapbook pages. It's cool to see all these pictures again, they bring back so many memories of good times!
These pages are about New York City mostly.

Times Square was so much smaller than what we expected!! You see it in the movies, you see it in the news, you see it on New Year's Eve... it was a must-see for us! Just a little advice, don't go to the MacD's there, we've never ever seen one that was this dirty and unsafe. I couldn't believe my eyes and even Jan refused to use the bathroom there. We went around the corner, there's a little Irish pub, and boy, that was a nice place!

The "fashion district" was high on my list of places to shop at, so I did. It was incredibly hard to choose though! My eyes nearly popped out when I saw the vast choice they had!! Beads, buttons, fabrics, oh and did I mention beads???

But take the subway just a few blocks west and it looks like you are in a different city altogether. Lots of green, less high tall buildings, just a feeling of more open air and umm, a somewhat relaxing feeling. Of course I visited The Ink Pad, the one and only rubber stamp store in Manhattan!! This was where I was meeting up with another online friend and it was soooo much fun to see each other in real life! We had a good chat, and she drove us around in NYC to see some highlights. Or maybe she wanted to let us feel what New York traffic was like... Mission accomplished I'd say!! LOL! :-))

I just like taking pictures, and bridges somehow have a special draw to me and my camera. :-))


That was it for today, folks!! I hope you enjoyed it!! 
Yes, I am in the US again at this moment, and when I'm all over and done with the jetlag I hope to find the time and energy to blog about the new adventures!! :-)) 



JoZart said...

Loved reading about your trip, precious memories and it seems you saw a bit of the New York tourists amy miss. Thanks for sharing.
Jo x

Joanne said...

lovely to see you finally scrap your last trip. It looked really fun.


jollygems said...

nice and informative post thanks

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