Saturday, November 21, 2009

Socks? Slippers?

Just a short post for today, as I'm still working on the fringe on my very very large shawl. :-))
Oh, and of course, I couldn't just work on that, oh no, I needed to start the matching socks too. LOL
Trust me to start a new project before the other one is finished. They're not knitted socks though, I'm making crocheted socks. Or would they rather be called slippers? I always have cold feet, so these should keep me warm the coming winter. Imagine me, sitting cuddled up on the couch with my shawl and the matching socks. It may very well be a funny sight to see, but at least I'll be very very warm! Haha!! :-))
Here's a picture and the instructions on how to make them. The instructions are in dutch, but I'm sure that experienced crocheters might be able to make these just by seeing the picture. Okay, let's hope so. Tell me please if you start a set of your own! Would love to hear your crochet adventures! ;-))

I just found an article on our eSMarts Christmas Treasure Hunt. It's really well written, and all the participating members are mentioned with the links. You *need* the links to go find that Santa image. Just a little reminder, this is the image you need to track down... so you don't overlook him by accident... and spoil your chances! We don't want that, now do we???

Remember? You can win the big prize! But, ya gotta play first... heheh... But, participating is really not difficult at all, so go on and have fun! :-))


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DymphieM said...

dank je wel voor je bezoek aan en reactie op mijn blog, wat ben ik een geluksvogel met Hilke's boek hè?

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