Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take your pick

...and you decide whether this is a hint or a clue! But it's somewhere in my post... heheheh.... ;-))
Remember, you have to play to win the big jackpot! Make it a family game to go hunting for the Treasure and find the hidden Santa images. Santa needs to come out of hiding to bring gifts this year, won't he? Give him a hand!

I'm still working on my crochet shawl and I have to tell you, it's BIIIIG! I mean, way way big. LOL
I never anticipated it would end up this big, but I just liked the crocheting so much that I just kept going. And going... and going... And now it's really really big. But, I don't care, I actually like how it turned out and am sure I will enjoy cuddling up on the couch on cold winter evenings with this newest addition. :-))

I enjoy the bare works of knitting and crocheting, but the finishing touches... not so much. Anyone else have that problem? I mean, it really is a problem here. I wanted to crochet a bonnet and what do I find in the bag with the yarn? The bonnet I crocheted last winter! The crocheting part is finished, but I never bothered to actually work the end tails in. How stupid of me! I should have been wearing this!
Did you know there's a hidden Santa in my etsy store? Find him, copy the url, find 2 more of these Santas and there's your first chance of winning the big prize! How's that for a clue? ;-))
The newly discovered bonnet is duo toned, in purple, so it's completely in line with all the current fashions. But nooo, I'm the one that keeps things like this unfinished in her bag. Another one of my endless supply of UFOs. I really have to finish this one. And I'd prefer it done before winter starts. Ha!

But I'm working on that. I mean, I'm working on actually finishing what I started. The crochet part of the big shawl is done, I have worked in all the tail ends already (wow!) and now I'm in the process of adding the fringes. Tell me, how does it look so far??



Vyx said...

Love the shawl! Putting fringe on is very time consuming, I know!

Before I started knitting the latest scarf I had to tear out one I'd started 3 or 4 years ago so I could have my knitting needles! So I know about not finishing stuff.

Bonnie Schulte said...


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