Wednesday, November 25, 2009

't is the season...

...for Shopping!!! Yep, that's right, people! Time to get the best deals and start your Christmas shopping!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wish my US friends (and anyone else who celebrates this) a happy day and hope you can spend it with your loved ones.
But Thanksgiving, man, it really has become a surreal shopping experience over the past few years. First, all we heard about that over here in Belgium, was the -to us at least- strange "Black Friday" term and we got news flashes on TV about it. It totally amazed us. With the internet, everyone wanted to be part of it, so along came CyberMonday. But that's not enough, oh no! Now we have Black Wednesday too! You can get the best deals on the internet if you shop on Wednesday already, have Thanksgiving dinner with your family, then hit the brick & mortar stores on Black Friday to get the good deals there too! It's a win-win situation of course. :-))
Read all about the newest shopping experience in the full article on this page!

I am joining in this amazing blog roll too, and have put a few items in my store at half price. Whààààt??? Half price??? Why on earth did I do that?? Well, to give you a chance to shop at a reduction. Hmm, okay. Soo, what's in it for me? Happy customers will spread the word!!!! See?? Win-win situation. :-))
Check for the notion "Black Friday SALE" in my etsy store for the items at half price, and lots of other items have free worldwide shipping!! Yay!! I know a good deal when I see it. Do you??

All these above earrings are now in my etsy store at Half Price from Black Wednesday til CyberMonday! That's from November 25 (today!) and will end on Monday November 30 at midnight.

***Edit November 26: The following items are now taking part in the Black Friday Sale at my store too! :-))

There is also the video preview of what you can win in the Treasure Hunt! Okay, first time ever I embed a slide show into my blog so I hope everything will go well. Here goes nothing!!

Full pictures of all the handmade gifties in the basket can be seen here on this blog! Aren't they just gorgeous??

Enjoy the holidays and whatever you do, stay safe! Let me know the good deals you find too! heheh... ;-))



ChezChani said...

The slide show came out great!! Best of luck on your holiday sales...we're giving it a whirl too. But it's tough out there. I did a search on Etsy, just under supplies, for "black friday" and got over 20 thousand returns. It's so overwhelming that I couldn't really shop.
Maybe I should go back now. I have an hour and a half to kill before I need to be at the Face-stuffing!

Anna Lee H. said...

Hi Hilde
this looks fabulous! thanks for thinking about the team.
-Anna Lee

A Beaded Affair said...

Wonderful job Ms. Wezz. Hope your Holidays are profitable and lots of fun.

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